Welcome to Tread Local

Welcome to Tread Local

Hi there,

Welcome and thank you for joining our treadly world!

Let us tell you a little more about what you can expect from joining our community and why we created this platform.

Taneille:  When I moved to the remote Kimberley region in WA from Coastal Wollongong NSW in 2007 my friends and family where all like ‘whaaat?’ and ‘she’ll be back’. But it’s now 2022 and i’m still living up north (albeit in tropical Darwin town these days). For me what makes a place become a home is the local vibe and the people AKA ‘the community’. Locals (me included) winge about people leaving and returning home to be closer to family, instead I’ve decided to share my love for the places I’ve called home in hope of enticing more people to experience their own backyard – Australia.

Sal: My favorite travel experiences usually come from the unexpected. Before the pandemic I would jump on a plane and duck overseas to jolt me out of day-to-day routines. What a gift it has been to be forced to stay local and experience our backyard in new and surprising ways. When I travel, I want to uncover the special places tucked away in the laneways, in the suburbs or down the coast without trolling through travel blogs, booking platforms, or influencer feeds.

We want to find out what makes a place special and why our fellow Australians choose to call a place home.

This is why TREAD LOCAL exists: To share experiences and gift advice from locals to travelers that celebrates all kinds of Australian and New Zealand lifestyles and places from rural and remote  to coastal and urban.

We are just getting started, and we need your help. We will read each piece of feedback, and it would be our pleasure to share your local knowledge with people willing to give something new a go.

THANK YOU – Taneille and Sal

Image: We finally made it to the Tiwi Islands Football Grand Final & Annual Art Sale in 2021!


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