Travel ideas from a friend

Travel ideas from a friend

Adventures are easy to find when you’re travelling. The picture below is a list of travel ideas I wrote for a friend the night before he set off to travel overland from Singapore to Thailand. I’ve added and changed a few below to make it not so specific for those countries. Maybe you could use some of these ideas as inspiration for your next local adventure. 

  1. Leave an unexpected big tip 
  2. Skinny-dip in a waterfall
  3. Eat something unusual
  4. Do a canopy walk
  5. Drink from a coconut 
  6. Sleep under the stars
  7. Sleep in a treehouse
  8. Ride a bike
  9. Unplug from the internet for 2 consecutive days
  10. Drink a beer at the top of a mountain
  11. Dive or snorkel with whale sharks 
  12. Explore a city at dawn
  13. Buy a pool float and float in a shallow bay until you’re a prune
  14. Get your palm read
  15. Watch sunset with a cocktail 
  16. Go horse riding on the beach
  17. Do a starfish on the shore of the beach (think Bridget Jones 2) 
  18. Puddle stomp in the rain


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